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Spring tourist arrivals in Cyprus almost at pre-pandemic levels

According to the Statistical Services of Cyprus (CYSTAT), there was a staggering 1362% increase in tourist arrivals in March 2022 compared to 2021. The number of tourists arriving in Cyprus reached 128,840 in March 2022, compared to 8,811 in March 2021 and 55,342 in March 2020.

We expect the volume of tourists only to increase as the peak summer season in Cyprus is on its way, boasting newly eased coronavirus restrictions.

Tourist arrivals in Cyprus

As illustrated in the graphs above, the tourist arrival data from the first quarter of 2022 resembles a close-to-full recovery from the peak of pandemic restrictions in 2020/2021.

Purpose of tourist visits in Cyprus (Percentage)

It’s also clear that tourists’ primary motives for coming to Cyprus are returning to the norm of what Cyprus’ economy depends on; holidays. Whereas more essential travel motives, such as business and visiting family & friends, dominated 2021.

Cyprus tourist arrival countries of origin in March 2022 (Percentage)

The United Kingdom continues to dominate the origin of tourist arrivals in Cyprus, with 34,8% (44,829) of all tourists in March 2022 coming from the UK. Travellers were also recorded from Greece with 9,9% (12,810), Israel with 8,6% (11,122), Germany with 8,2% (10,592) and Poland with 7,6% (9,805).

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All statistics and data in this article are from CYSTAT.

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