Search Help

Our engine offers two different ways of searching for properties with seven possible keywords. The seven possible keywords are Locations, Types, Categories, Minimum price, Maximum price, Bedrooms and Agents.

Search Bar:

Our search bar works like any other search bar you have ever encountered. It is as simple as typing in your request, and the results will appear.

The engine identifies the keywords entered in your request and loads the most relevant results (exactly like google). You can check the keywords identified here:

Keywords seach example

By using the search bar, you will have the added functionality of searching for multiple values for each recognized keyword.

For Example:

Multiple keywords seach example

In the search displayed in the picture above, the user has entered two valid keywords for location and two valid keywords for type. All four keywords are considered, and all of the apartments and houses in Limassol and Paphos are displayed as a result. You can perform the following with any of the seven available keyword values.

Predefined values:

By clicking the switch on the left side of our search bar, you can search with predefined values.

Predefined values example

Here you can select the values you want form each keyword either by clicking the value in the dropdown that appears under each category or by typing your value in the box.

Drop-down example

If you decide to use the predefined values search, you will lose the ability to search for multiple values for each recognized keyword.