Advertising Help

1. How to register and log in on Estate Searcher

If you haven’t registered an account yet, you can click the Register button on the top right of the home screen to create a new account.

Fill in your Name, Email, Address, and Telephone and create a password for your account.

Once you log in, make sure to disable any AdBlockers to use our platform’s advertising section to its full potential and have access to all of our features.

2. How to create an Ad Account on Estate Searcher

After you’ve logged in, a notification will redirect you to the Ad Account Manager.

Here, you can add a new Ad Account and fill in your Account name, description, and whether you are registering under a company or not. For companies, you will need to fill in your VAT number too. Make sure to save your changes.

3. How to add payment information on Estate Searcher

To add payment information to your account, go to the sidebar and open “My Ad Accounts”. Then, click on “Manage Accounts” to open your Ad Accounts manager. Here, you can view the Ad accounts that you have created.

Click on “Add Payment Information” next to your desired account, and you will be redirected to a JCC gateway where you can fill in your payment details.

Once completed, the registration fee of 0.05 Euro will be billed to your account.

4. How to edit your Ad Account on Estate Searcher

To edit your ad account, go to the sidebar and open “My Ad Accounts”. Then, click on “Manage Accounts” to open your Ad Accounts manager. Here, you can view the Ad accounts that you have created.

Under the actions column, click on the “Edit” button next to your chosen ad account.

In this window, you can edit your account name and description, update or delete your payment details, update your VAT information and give access to additional users. You can add users by pressing the add button, entering their email address and user role so they can access and post using your ad account. Additional users can take an advertiser or admin role on your ad account.

Make sure to save your changes.

5. How to create an ad on Estate Searcher

To create a paid banner Ad on Estate Searcher, firstly, click on the “My Advertisements” tab in the Ad manager’s side menu. Then, click “New” in the drop-down menu to create your first Ad Set.

Type in a name, description, and maximum spending amount for your Ad Set. Make sure to select your corresponding Ad Account.

After that, you can select the start and end dates you want your Ad Set to run on.

To create Ads for your Ad Set, click on the “Create New Ad” button.

To make an external Ad, start by inserting a Name and public Title. You can see your changes in the live preview panel on the right. Select an orientation scheme for your Ad and upload an image. Next, insert the external link to your Ad to redirect people to your site when they click on it. Make sure to enter a clear description of your product that makes your product stand out! Lastly, choose whether you want your Ad to be active currently or not.

The system shows you a preview of how your full Ad looks in vertical and horizontal formats, and you can choose which one you like best.

Furthermore, you can choose to display your Ad listing with Estate Searcher internally. This means you can have a more detailed full listing on our platform with a “Go to website” button to redirect clients to you. An internal Ad allows you to choose an internal link extension and display variables such as a defined price and custom features such as the number of bedrooms, floors, and bathrooms.

Make sure to save your changes.

6. How to view your ad's impressions on Estate Searcher

Open up the Estate Searcher Ad Manager dashboard to view your ad’s impressions. Here, you will find facts and figures about your whole ad account. You can view the overall number of impressions recorded and their monetary value over time. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see a diagram visualising the total number of impressions recorded within your selected time frame.

To view more specific details about each Ad Account, go to the “My Ad Accounts” tab and click “Manage”. Next to each Ad Account, there is an “Info” button. When clicked, you can view information and impressions on entire Ad Accounts.

To view more specific details about each Ad Set, go to the “My Advertisements” tab and click “Manage”. There, you can view Ad Set Impressions by clicking on the “Info” button next to each Ad Set. Furthermore, when you expand an Ad Set, you can see each Ad and its respective impressions data.

The “Info” button shows you details, including the number of impressions and the amount of money spent monthly and daily. You can filter impression results to show daily, weekly, or monthly stats within your chosen dates.

7. How to request support on Estate Searcher

To request support from an administrator on Estate Searcher, you can use our ticketing system.

In the side menu of the admin panel, click on the “support” tab. Click on the “open new ticket button” in the drop-down list to get a blank form to request support.

Enter a title for your ticket and proceed to explain any queries you may have in the description text box, and submit it to us.

You can see all of the tickets you’ve submitted to us in your ticket manager.

As soon as one of our administrators gets back to you, you will receive a notification. Click on the corresponding ticket to view replies and send any new messages.

8. How to view your payments on Estate Searcher

In the sidebar on the left, you will find a “Payments”. Click on the collapsible button and “View Payments” to see the payments you have made.

Each payment has an invoice button next to it that automatically generates an invoice with your payment’s details.

9. How to edit your profile information on Estate Searcher

To edit your profile information, navigate to the “Profile” tab under “Settings”.

A window with your personal and password information will appear, where you can click on each text box to edit existing information or add new information in empty fields.

To change your password, enter your current password in the “Password update” section of the window. Then, add your new password in the field below to change and confirm it.

Make sure to save any changes.

10. How to redeem coupon codes on Estate Searcher

In the menu on the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will find a “Redeem Coupon” button.

Click the button to open your coupon manager.

Then, click on the “Redeem Coupon” button at the top of the page to get started.

Here, you can enter a valid coupon code into the text box and select the Ad Account you wish to apply it to.

Make sure to save your entry.

For any further enquiries, feel free to contact us at and we will be glad to help.