Pricing, Payments and Refunds

Ad Pricing

The price of running ad campaigns on our ad platform is 100% dependent on the number of impressions recorded on an ad. Our system charges 1 euro per every 1000 impressions on each ad, so you are billed directly on the exposure your ad receives. You can also choose predetermined limits on how many days you want the ad to run or how much money you would like to spend.


As your ads run on Estate Searcher, ad costs build up. Payments for these ad costs are triggered either by the account’s billing threshold or the end of a calendar month.

Billing Threshold

Billing Threshold

The billing threshold for each account determines the amount that you can spent before we charge you. Whenever your ad costs reach your billing threshold amount, we charge you for that amount. It determines when you’re charged for your ads based on the amount you spend.

Initially, the billing threshold is set at 20 euros. For every 5 successful payments, the threshold for your account increases by 20 euros. For example, if your billing threshold is 40 euros and you complete 5 successful payments, your threshold increases to 60 euros. You can think of your billing threshold as a way to build up a good payment history with Estate Searcher.

Monthly Billing

However, any outstanding fees are still charged at the end of every month, even if the threshold limit is not fulfilled. So, the start of every new month is a fresh slate in regards to payments and thresholds.

Individual uploads pricing

In addition to real estate agents, independent property owners can also upload individual listings on our platform.

The price to list your individual properties on Estate Searcher is a recurring charge of €4 per month per listing.

If you’ve sold your property or no longer want to list it on Estate Searcher for any reason, you can log in to your property account and remove the listing at no further charge.

Refund requests

Refund requests can be made from the members area. A ticket with your refund request can be opened when clicking on the payments tab via the request refund button. Once a refund ticket has been submitted, an administrator reviews it and takes action accordingly.

For more information on ad payment systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with