Best real estate agencies in cyprus

The Best Real Estate Agencies in Cyprus

Cyprus, with its stunning landscapes, Mediterranean climate, and thriving economy, is an attractive destination for both local and international real estate investors. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent property in Cyprus, it’s essential to partner with reputable and experienced real estate agencies. In this article, we present a compilation of the best real estate agencies in Cyprus, renowned for their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Bluesky has built a solid reputation as a leading real estate agency in Cyprus, focusing on luxury properties and high-end developments. Their portfolio features an impressive selection of exclusive villas, apartments, and waterfront properties. Bluesky’s knowledgeable agents offer tailored solutions, catering to the unique needs and preferences of discerning buyers.

Best real estate agenies in cyprus Bluesky

Century 21:

With a global presence and a strong foothold in Cyprus, Century 21 is a trusted name in the real estate industry. They offer a wide range of residential and commercial properties across the island. Century 21’s agents possess in-depth market knowledge and employ advanced marketing strategies to ensure optimal results for their clients.

Best real estate agenies in cyprus century21


Dom is a prominent Russian language real estate agency in Limassol, catering to both local and international clients. Their comprehensive property portfolio encompasses residential, commercial, and investment opportunities. Dom’s multilingual agents offer extensive market insights, making the property search and acquisition process efficient and successful.

Best real estate agenies in cyprus Dom

First Class Homes:

First Class Homes have earned a reputation as a reliable and client-focused real estate agency in Cyprus. They specialize in a diverse range of properties, from budget-friendly apartments to luxurious estates. First Class Homes pride themselves on their transparent and ethical practices, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction throughout the property transaction.

Best real estate agenies in cyprus first class homes

Fox Realty:

Fox Realty is a leading real estate agency with a wide network of offices across Cyprus. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including property sales, rentals, and property management. Fox Realty’s dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and helping clients find their ideal properties.

Fox realty

Grand Property:

Grand Property stands out as a trusted agency with a strong presence in the Cyprus real estate market. They offer a broad selection of properties, including residential, commercial, and investment opportunities. Grand Property’s expert agents leverage their market knowledge to assist clients in making informed decisions and achieving their real estate goals.

Grand property listing

G&P Lazarou:

G&P Lazarou is a renowned real estate agency that has been operating in Cyprus for over two decades. They specialize in luxury properties, including prestigious villas, penthouses, and exclusive estates. G&P Lazarou’s dedicated team provides personalized attention, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable property buying or selling experience.

G&P Lazarou


Ktimatagora is a reputable real estate agency with a vast portfolio of residential and commercial properties throughout Cyprus. They cater to a diverse clientele, offering properties to suit various budgets and requirements. Ktimatagora’s experienced agents assist clients in finding the perfect property and provide comprehensive support throughout the transaction process.

Best real estate agenies in cyprus Ktimatagora

MPA Property:

MPA Property is a trusted real estate agency in Cyprus, known for its extensive property portfolio and customer-oriented approach. With a wide range of properties across the island, MPA Property caters to both residential and commercial clients, offering options for every budget and lifestyle.

MPA Property


When it comes to real estate agencies in Cyprus, Bluesky, Century 21, Dom, First class homes, Fox Realty, Grand Property, G&P Lazarou, Ktimatagora, and MPA Property are among the best in the industry. These agencies offer a diverse range of properties, personalized service, and a deep understanding of the local market.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or rent a property in Cyprus, engaging the services of a reputable real estate agency can make a significant difference in your experience. With their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction, these agencies can help you find the perfect property or navigate the real estate market with confidence.

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