About Us

Estate searcher is the first online unified listings database for real estate in Cyprus.

The root of our platform was developed when we identified a gap in the market. After conducting research, we found that the search for Cyprus properties online was not easy. The problem being the lengthy process that prospective clients had to take, browsing countless real estate websites to look at listings. Additionally, people who wanted to display listings, estate agents or individuals, had complaints about the uploading, user interface, speed and pricing of said process.

Our team put our technology and business minds together to think of a solution. It became clear that a data aggregation platform could be the right tool for an efficient and fast property searcher. The platform would use a web crawler to frequently collect needed data from various real estate websites and display them all in one place, in a unified format. As a result, the listings are populated automatically, and viewers will see numerous property options.

To ensure users’ ease of use, Estate Searcher features these benefits :

  • Open to companies or individuals to list properties
  • Free to use for searching and listings
  • Improves list contributor’s SEO
  • The user interface and design is tailored for property listings
  • No APIs needed
  • Automatically updated listings
  • Speed tested
  • Search bar with keyword detection
  • Custom-built Ad Manager for posting and editing ads