Q: How do I use the search bar?

Our search bar automatically detects keywords related to search terms such as property type, rent or sale categories, location, minimum and maximum price, the number of bedrooms, and the agents listed. Alternatively, the search can be switched to a drop-down list with all of the options available.

Q: How much does it cost to list properties on Estate Searcher?

It is free of charge for agencies to include their listings on our platform. Listings for Individuals are available at a rate of €4 per month per listing, but for all listings placed before 31.05, the listing will be €2.50 per month (until 30.05.2023).

Q: Does Estate Searcher deal with property requests?

No, once you find a listing of interest, you are redirected to the real estate agent/independent seller for further action. If the property you are interested in is uploaded by an individual, a request information button is available where your details are forwarded to the owner of the property so they can contact you.

Q: Does Estate Searcher have their own properties?

No, all of the property listings on our website are aggregated from third-party real estate agents’ websites or uploaded by individuals.

Q: Does Estate Searcher get commissions on sales?

No, Estate Searcher is not affiliated with any property transactions that take place. We simply provide a unified search engine of aggregated property listings for people to use.