Certificate of Innovative Business

Certificate of an Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise

We are pleased to announce that our mother company, Soft Surge, has been awarded a “Certificate of an Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise”. The certificate is certified by the Cypriot Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy.

The Deputy awards the certificate to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) that bring new skills to the Cypriot market. Furthermore, the certified businesses show promising growth potential and bright futures.

The acknowledgement of our hard work humbles and drives us to push further beyond any standards or limits. We aim to continue innovating and providing more easy-to-use and efficient services to the people of Cyprus and worldwide. Having completed the IDEA incubator and onboarding various investors, we are on our way to new heights.

Estate Searcher solves the challenge of property search in the Cypriot real estate market by using digital development and sleek design. Unlike our competitors, we use a data aggregation system that we’ve built to retrieve and display thousands of relevant listings in no time. Our web scraping and crawling tools fill a gap in the market of automated data gathering and display.
As a new and eager startup team, our journey is only at its start.


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