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Soft Surge is part of 2020 class of start-ups hosted by IDEA Innovation Center.

IDEA Innovation Center was founded in 2015 as an incubator-accelerator for start-ups and an entrepreneurship hub for Cypriot young entrepreneurs.

Today IDEA is the largest, non-profit, comprehensive organization in Cyprus which forms a cluster of private and public partnerships to support start-ups and innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Within all the support they offer, they emphasize that the major success factor for entrepreneurs is themselves: their passion, their determination, their sense of urgency, their hard work and their willingness to give and take.

A testament of IDEA’s Innovation Centre hard work, is the accolade of being the 2019 European Winner in Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills, surpassing 29 other countries, in the European Commission’s ‘Enterprise Promotion Awards’. This was an extremely significant international distinction, capping IDEA’s long list of accolades both in Cyprus and overseas, underscoring its leading role in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.