The 5 Types of Warehouses, Explained

What is a warehouse?

A warehouse is typically an industrial-style building used for storage space purposes. Warehouses have many uses across businesses, from long-term storage of raw materials or fast-paced eCommerce distribution.

Types of warehouses:

Here is a list of some common types of warehouse buildings that exist:

  • private warehouses

    Private Warehouses

    Large corporations, retailers, and wholesalers typically own private warehouses for their goods. The warehouse buildings will sometimes be built adjacent to the manufacturing sites for convenience. Private warehouses are ideal for big established companies that need custom storage spaces for bulk goods.

  • public warehouses

    Public Warehouses

    A public warehouse usually offers rented storage spots to clients who need a short-term solution. These facilities come in handy for manufacturers and retailers who need some extra storage space but aren’t sure if they would like to obtain a whole warehouse for themselves.

  • climate control

    Climate-controlled Warehouses

    Some goods, such as food and drink, require special care while being stored. Climate-controlled warehouses ensure that products remain fresh by being a controlled space that caters to their needs. Some examples of climate control include temperature, humidity, and light.

  • Distribution centre

    Distribution Centre

    Distribution centres are warehouses with vast amounts of space for large quantities of products. This type of centre enables fast and easy distribution of goods. Factors such as good access to delivery and postal services will generally be a deciding factor for the location of distribution centres.

  • smart warehouses

    Smart Warehouses

    With the uprise of modern technology, warehouses are also undergoing a tech upgrade. Smart warehouse spaces use artificial intelligence to take out storage and distribution actions without human interaction. Intelligent systems can outtake duties from packaging products to long and short-distance delivery with only minimal human supervision. Smart warehouse systems suit massive eCommerce companies that can benefit from computational automation to fulfil billions of orders quickly.

Which warehouse suits you best?

If you’re looking for a warehouse, it’s crucial for you first to consider your needs for the short and long term. For example, if you are a small business owner looking to store and distribute goods as your business grows, you may choose a public warehouse to fulfil your needs. On the other hand, if you have an established company with great demands, you may want to rent your own private warehouse or distribution centre. Likewise, you will want to ensure a climate-controlled space if you are a perishable goods distributor.

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